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An Effective, Safe

Depression Treatment

Is Here

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Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


Regain a sense of well-being and enjoy a better quality of life in just a few weeks.


BrainsWay’s patented breakthrough treatment based on Deep TMS begins a new era in brain stimulation and research. This non-invasive and effective treatment activates deep brain structures by using directed electromagnetic fields that generate excitation or inhibition of neurons deep inside the brain.

Roanoke TMS

WELCOME to Roanoke TMS. We are a locally owned practice dedicated to treating depression in a unique way. We are the only treatment center in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding area providing Deep TMS using Brainsway technology.

The goal of Deep TMS is to improve neuroplasticity and avoid adding medications. Ideally you would require no medication at all after completing treatment!

How it Works

Innovative TMS treatment has been proven beneficial in treating a number of mental health conditions, thanks to its safety and efficacy.

Certain areas of the brain require stimulation to help with depression. Magnetic pulses enhance neurotransmitter support in the prefrontal cortex.

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TMS is non-invasive, with no recovery time needed! You can return to work or home immediately after treatment.

What is the process? If you want to move forward…

  1. We will request authorization from your insurance company

  2. Set up a schedule for treatment.

  3. 20 min treatments 5 days per week.

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