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Smoking Addiction Treatment

Introducing BrainsWay Deep TMS for Smoking Addiction


BrainsWay Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deep TMS™) is a safe and effective aid for short-term smoking cessation in adults, representing the first FDA clearance in the addiction space for any TMS device.

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Using BrainsWay’s patented H4 Coil, the treatment generates electromagnetic pulses that stimulate neurons in brain structures associated with addiction – specifically the bilateral insula and prefrontal cortex.  BrainsWay Deep TMS is proven to reach wider and deeper brain regions than traditional TMS devices.

A double-blind, sham-controlled, multicenter randomized controlled trial of 262 patients found Deep TMS to be an effective treatment, significantly improving the continuous quit rate, reducing craving and the average number of cigarettes smoked per week.  Participants in the study were highly addicted to smoking, with a history of smoking an average of over 26 years and multiple failed attempts to quit.

Deep TMS is a well-tolerated, noninvasive treatment with no systemic side effects.  It does not require a significant recovery period, and the 18-min treatment can easily be integrated into each patient’s day-to-day schedule.

Deep TMS as a Safe Treatment for Smoking Addiction

Deep TMS treatment for treatment of smoking addiction is noninvasive, requiring no anesthesia, does not cause any significant systemic side effects, and can easily be incorporated into the patient’s routine.

In the pivotal clinical study, Deep TMS was shown to be well-tolerated.  The most common side effect reported was headache, primarily during the first treatment sessions (24% of those in the active treatment group and 18% in the sham group).  No seizures were observed.

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